Monday, October 26, 2009

I Eeny Meeny Miny Moe Them Hoes, I'm SO trill [Monday Motivation]

For one reason or another, I woke up this morning with EXTRA movement in my 2-step. lol

I personally feel like the song "Trill" by Clipse should have played from heaven as soon as my feet touched the hardwood floor this morning...but since it didn't, I'm posting it here : )

I'm fully aware that this song is a few years old, but it has the same effect on me now as it did when it originally dropped.

This is the type of song that you turn up in the morning and sing to yourself as you get ready for your day.

The type of song that should play as you walk down your block and as you're grocery shopping, slapping corn flakes into your basket from the

As you slide your debit card through the machine, look the checkout person in the eye and say "...b*tch, I'm trill...b*tch, I'm SO trill...". Wink at them if you're feeling extra Trill.

Enjoy your Monday, you trill a#$ n*ggas, you ; )

Trill - Clipse

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