Friday, January 29, 2010


I could dedicate one entire blog to nothing BUT Sean P. lyrics...I love this dude.

Here's his latest video offering.


I don't like n*ggas no more, 8 figure dreams, n*gga, but the figure is 4... These are words from a thousandaire, sellin crack in the P's, disguised in some housing gear...I f*cked up somewhere down the line, but I got my sh*t in order, the crown is mine. P!

Monday, January 25, 2010


This past Saturday morning I woke up with an urge. I looked out my window, saw the sun shining and thought to myself, "what a perfect day for shopping...I'm going to stop by Karmaloop". I jumped out of my bed, showered, had a bite to eat and started on my way to what I thought was going to be a fun-filled, street wear laden day of excessive spending. On my way to the store, I checked twitter to see if @karmaloopboston might have tweeted anything regarding new items or sales. I saw a mention of up to 75% off of remaining women's wear items and almost lost my mind! "How could this be?" I thought to myself...

Once I finally arrived at the store on Newbury street, I opened the door and headed straight to the back.

I looked to my left and then to my right.

I looked at the table in the middle of the room. There, I saw 3 small bins with what looked like t-shirts in them.

I thought to myself, "maybe they moved the woman's merchandise...but where could they have moved it to...?"

I slowly walked back to the front of the store, looked around again and then asked a sales person, "where might I find the women's wear?"

He replied "in the those 3 bins on the table".

For a moment, I think I may have blacked out. His response kind of echoed in my ears and through my mind and I'm sure the look on my face expressed complete shock and disgust at the very idea that Karmaloop would dare to no longer carry woman's clothing in their retail location.

Had they no idea of how I looked forward to visiting the store upon occasion, instead of clicking through the pages of their site, looking for new gear to wrap around my body?!

I felt betrayed.

Had yet another street wear boutique in Boston turned a cold shoulder to the women in this city?

Would I now be forced to do all my shopping online and be forever banished from the store that I loved so much?!

I gasp still at the very idea.

Karmaloop, why hath thou forsaken me!?

Thursday, January 21, 2010


This is my #2 favorite Nas track, period. Can't sit still when I hear this song. If you can.... you may not love hip hop as much as I do. Don't feel a way about is what it is...LOL

STRAIGHT UP this shit is real and one day could be ya last in the jungle, get murdered in the rumble guns will blast n*ggas tumble


Heavy D was the smoothest big dude of the 90's. I don't give a damn what ANYONE

This song is so smooth. Deny it...I dare you.

"La, La, La La La La La La....a bag of blue funk"


The song above was a track off of Heavy D & The Boyz album "Nuttin But Love" which was released in 1994.

I promise on all that is good in the world, I listened to this cd EVERY morning before school for a year straight when I lived in Texas in 1994 & 1995. I miss music like just felt good and the video was fun. Music today is really missing something.

But this song still brings back great memories.



Zhane had some undeniable songs back in the day. This without a doubt was one of them. I love this song SO much.


If I could mail my heart
Right to you, I would
Id pack it up, seal it tight
And Id send it over night

Every time I hear your voice
And I look into your eyes
Sends a burning sweet sensation
Oh, inside of me

The look in your eyes
Has found me
I am sending

Sending my love to you
Praying that you are home
Sealing it with a kiss
Sending my love

Sending my love to you
Praying that you are home
Sealing it with a kiss
Sending my love

With my heart in your hands
I'm as helpless as a baby
I'm in desperate need of your love
So just send it right away

Ive been thinking bout you, boy
Because you're so far way
Makes me want to send you all this love
Inside of me

The look in your eyes
Has found me
I am sending

Sending my love to you
Praying that you are home
Sealing it with a kiss Oh, ho
Sending my love

Sending my love to you
Praying that you are home
Sealing it with a kiss With a kiss
Sending my love

If I could mail my heart
Right to you, I would
Id pack it up, seal it tight
And Id send it over night


I've been slackin in my blogging lately but I wanted to get back to the Throwback Thursday entries today.

This song is a classic "feel good" cut. No matter how my day is going...this song ALWAYS lifts me up. Hopefully it will do the same for you!

"Keep on movin, don't stop...nooooooooooooo"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


As you know, Haiti has recently been struck by an earth quake that has destroyed their already impoverished capitol, Port-au-Prince. Many people have lost their lives and many Haitian people across America have lost their loved ones.

Boston, which houses one of the largest Haitian communities outside of the actual country, is coming together to support their people in various ways.

This event is one example of that.

This Sunday, January 24th...come through & support my friends Brek.One & Frank The Butcher @ their event. They will have some amazing prizes available so bring plenty of money to donate towards the raffle. 100% of all proceeds will go toward helping Haiti!

When: Sunday, Jan. 24th

Where: GoodLife Bar / Lounge, 28 Kingston Street Boston MA
What: Benefit to Support Haiti (100% of ALL proceeds go to charity*)
Cost: $5 Suggested Donation (but feel free to give more if you're able*)

:::Join Brek.One + Frank The Butcher as they collaborate on this event for a very important cause:::

::: Music Provided by Brek.One x The Blade Runners x Devlin:::

:::Raffle & Auction Items Donated by the Following People & Companies:::
Concepts New Balance Nike SB Mitchell & Ness Bun B of UGK Dr. Romanelli Danny Boy of House of Pain / La Coka Nostra ILL BILL / La Coka Nostra Paul Middleman of Stussy Puma Diamond Supply Company Columbia Sportswear Sorel Maestro Knows St. Alfred of Chicago Mark Batty Publisher & more….

For more info, visit -


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I may seem to be on a Cail / Self Scientific wave right now...but that's alright. To my knowledge, no one has ever been hurt by being "overly subjected" to great music.

Below you will find the title track from Self Scientific's upcoming project. Pay attention and you just may learn something...

Music has changed. Music is disposable. More people seem interested in the things that their favorite artists’ are into, more than their music. Today, everything design related has taken precedence over the music. It is as if the music is secondary to sneakers, clothes, hats, and gadgets. As a result, artists spend more time developing their product, and less time perfecting the music. Some artists even view their craft solely as a platform to launch merchandise… Designer Music is a new project by the critically acclaimed duo Self Scientific. Designer Music explores the current consumer culture, brought on by the modern phenomenon, we know as street wear.

Download "Designer Music" here

Shout to the good folks @ 2Dopeboyz

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Would Have Killed This by Chace Infinite [ Download]

Some of you may (or may not) know of the duo from Cali, Self Scientific, which consists of Chace Infinite & DJ/Producer DJ Khalil.

Chace is seriously one of the MOST slept on emcees from the West, in my opinion and Khalil has most likely produced many of your favorite just didn't know it.

On this cd (which has been out for a few months*) Chace Infinite raps over tracks that DJ Khalil has produced for other artists projects and he KILLS every single one...enjoy this and check for Chace & Khalil, they're ill.

Chace Infinite on twitter

DJ Khalil on twitter

Download "I Would Have Killed This" here

Gold Chain Military EPK

I'm a little late posting this, but its something you should check out right now, regardless. Log onto twitter and let Planet Asia know how you feel about the EPK

“Introducing the Gold Chain Military. GCM consist of Planet Asia, Tristate, Killer Ben, Turbin, Killa Kali, Sav Killz & Montage One… The Gold Chain Military debut album “Chain of Command” is set to be released Feb. 23rd 2010 on Gold Chain Music/RBC-Records. Featuring Production by Alchemist, Babu, Large Professor, Thayod Ausar, Evidence, Architech, Masterkraftsmen, Jazimoto & more…”

Check -


Planet Asia & Tristate - Trouble (Produced by Josh Da Goon)

Monday, January 4, 2010

PMLIVE January 2010 Artist Of The Month : Emilio Rojas "All Natural" | FEATURES

Below is an preview of my January 2010 Feature with Emilio Rojas.

Click the link below to continue reading the rest of the piece. Don't forget to leave comments on the site ; )


It is said that everything isn't always as it seems and that statement may hold true in certain situations. At other times, it couldn't be further from the truth. Case in point...Rochester-born emcee Emilio Rojas. Upon first glace, you will see freshly dressed 20 something year old man with quite a bit of classic style. Upon first listen, you will hear the words of a confident, politically aware and quite clever lyricist with healthy appetite for the opposite sex. Rojas is everything that he appears to be and it comes of almost effortlessly, which makes a great deal of sense for someone who's latest offering is titled "The Natural". PM Live's Marlene was able to connect with Emilio and discuss what its like to present yourself exactly as you are in a profession that has a great deal of artificial additives.

Click here to continue reading

PMLIVE Reviews: In Search of Stoney Jackson - by M.Boyette | REVIEWS

Below is an excerpt from my recent review of "In Search of Stoney Jackson" on PM-LIVE.COM
Check the link below for the rest of the article and DON'T FORGET to leave some comments on PM-LIVE.COM...thanks!!

After listening to the most recent collaboration between the good people of Strong Arm Steady and The Beat Konducta, Madlib, one might wonder if California, often refereed to as the "Golden State", might have received its nickname as a credit to the seemingly unlimited amount of radiant emcees / musicians that continue to emerge from there.

Strong Arm Steady began with what many may consider a "who's who" of the West's underground / independent scene, including Krondon, Phil Da Agony, Mitchy Slick, DJ Truly OdD, Xzibit, DJ Khalil, Chase Infinite and Planet Asia, all whom have garnered a high level of support and respect for their individual contributions to hip hop, in the US and overseas. The group currently consists of three "official members" - Krondon, Phil Da Agony and Mitchy Slick, who have come to represent a new era of West Coast hip hop with a style, feel and sound much different from what music fans had previously encountered with one of California's most well known hip hop labels, Death Row Records...

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