Friday, December 4, 2009

PIMP C: GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN (December 29, 1973 — December 4, 2007)

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of Pimp C's death. I couldn't let the day end without showing him some love and respect.
UGK is legendary and without them many of the southern hip hop artists that we hear today would not be where they are. Period.

The mixtape below is full of classic Pimp C / UGK tracks...enjoy and never forget one of the most TRILL dudes in the game.

R.I.P Pimp C!!!

Download "Trill Reaper" Mixtape here

Track List:
01. Let's Talk Money (Remix) [Feat. Slim Thug & Lil Wayne]
02. Trill Niggaz Don't Die
03. One Day
04. I Miss U
05. I'm Free
06. Pocket Full of Stones
07. 10 A Key
08. Knockin Doorz Down
09. Talkin' Smart To A Pimp
10. Swishas And Dosha
11. Coming Up
12. Front Back & Side
13. Diamonds And Wood
14. I'sa Playa
15. Pourin' Up
16. Hit The Block
17. Hogg In The Game
18. Bobby And Whitney
19. The Game Belongs To Me
20. My Angel

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