Tuesday, June 2, 2009

TRV$DJAM - FIX YOUR FACE Vol. 2 (Free w/ Re-Tweet on Twitter)

Ok, I promise this isn't going to turn into a (complete) confession of my undying love for Travis Barker (although I DO love this dude and that love was TOTALLY intensified after listening to this project...lol).

but I digress...

The point of this entry is to inform you that Travis and DJ AM aka TRV$DJAM have dropped their latest mixtape, "Fix Your Face Vol. 1 - Coachella", which features the fusion of Travis on the drums and DJ AM on the turntables, remixing everything from Michael Jackson to Metallica; There's something for everyone on there. The mixtape is available to download for free. All you have to do is log onto twitter and retweet their message about the cd (check the end of this posting for the link to do so*)

I don't think there are many words that can properly explain how ILL the combination is. AM is an amazing DJ and Travis Barker ( of Blink 182 & +44) is one of our generations most talented percusionists, in my opinon. I had the chance to catch +44 live in Boston about 3 years ago. Travis had just had surgery on his right arm / wrist, which was in a cast at the time. This man played the entire show and KILLED it, with one hand. I had BEEN a fan before then, but I know he gained some new ones that night.

You have to respect those involved with music who develope their skills, then flip it into something that no one else is doing...and then rock it until the wheels fall off. TRV$DJAM have seen success and lived through tragedy and still continue to keep it moving.

If you have a twitter account, click here and you'll be able to download the project.


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