Monday, April 13, 2009

A Little Monday Motivation...You Can't Stop Me

Ok, it's be a almost a full week since Jadakiss' album, The Last Kiss, dropped. I think it's safe to assume that by now you've either purchased it or downloaded it from someone's blog / website. This album is solid and it couldn't have come at a better time, in my opinion. Jadakiss is a seasoned emcee who spits with confidence and conviction. Something a lot of these boutique rap emcees are lacking (for the most part, because they're still new to the game.

I consider projects like this to be motivation music; The type of music that you can turn on and get focused to. The type of music that will have you in the mirror in the morning, mean mugging, like "I'm exactly what they not, I'm something else" (see track #5, Something Else) or two stepping across your kitchen, with your coffee singing "you can't stop me now, you can't stop me" (see track #2, Can't Stop Me).

Enjoy the gift, but BUY the album.

Download Can't Stop Me (Prod. by NeoDaMatrix) feat. Ayanna Irish - Here

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