Sunday, April 12, 2009


Dipset's Hell Rell can always be depended on when it comes to official, hard street music. This mixtape contains 19 tracks of the perfect example of that. Rell one of Harlem's grimiest / raw emcee's, in my opinion. But you can be the judge.

1. The Extermination
2. My Service To The People
3. King Kong Muzic
4. I'm So Special
5. Crack House
6. Incredible Ruga
7. What You Need?
8. Freestyle
9. Death Wish ft. J.R. Writer
10. Return To The Grind
11. Ready To Fuck
12. Fresher Than New Borns
13. The Ruga Show
14. You Tryin' To Be Me
15. It Takes 2
16. Calm Down
17. Put Me Round Some Hoes
18. On The Real
19. A Profit

Download -Hell Rell - The Extermination (Mixtape)

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