Thursday, September 10, 2009


Being the insatiable hip hop fan that I am, I wasn't about to allow complete physical and emotional exhaustion keep me from attending a show. After all, I'd worked hard to come up with the proper response to the Paradise Rock Club's tweet: Tell us why you LOVE the Murs and best answer will win a pair of tickets to their concert on Wednesday!!!

The person running The Paradise's twitter account may not have know that Murs was a solo artist, but it didn't matter to me...I was curious and I wanted those damn tickets. The fact that John Forte was also performing was a bonus.

I'd seen Murs on various Mtv Jams commercials, heard a few of his songs and always wondered exactly what his deal was.

I responded to the Paradise Rock Club's "tweet" and the next day I received a DM (direct message) informing me that I'd won tickets to the show (my response to their question was: @ParadiseRockClb : "I LOVE Murs b/c he has continued 2 remain true 2 HIMSELF creatively throughout his entire career, instead of conforming")

Fast forward to the night of the show...

I was tired. The evening before, I was sceaming at the top of my lungs at the House of Blues for the Ecstatic Tour (feat. Most Def, Talib Kweli & Jay Electronica)...and found myself expelling what was left of my energy well into the early hours of the morning with my "significant other"(let your imaginations run wild...)

I slept a total of 4 hours before waking up, only to have what was left of my positive energy pulled from my body before I'd even had time to welcome the new day.

By the time 6pm had rolled around, not just my body, but my soul ached. All day I'd been questioning whether or not I truly felt up to attend the show. The majority of my friends had gone to the Mos Def event the night before and were completely exhausted and the ones that hadn't gone to the show just didn't seem enthusiastic about checking for Murs.

As 7pm neared, I started to convince myself that it wouldn't be that big of a deal if I missed the show. But the fact that I'd gotten the tickets for free and had never seen Murs rock echoed in the back of my mind.

Around 7:50PM I jumped on the MBTA (Bostons train system) and made my way over to the Paradise, on some lonely only type sh*t...except I wasn't all that lonely.

I figured that I would either see someone I knew there or enjoy the show on my own and be free to appreciate it fully without having someone chit chatting in my ear about random things unrelated to the show.

I walked up to the ticket booth, gave the girl behind the glass my I.D and got my tickets. As soon as I turned around I was greeted by my good friend and fellow promoter, Edgard of So Good Entertainment. We talked for a moment and then walked into the club together. As we entered the main room John Forte was still on stage...acoustic guitar in hand, locks and lyrics flowing (ladies: he is even MORE beautiful in person that you can imagine and his voice is as soothing as the most warm bath water). I was happy to see that I hadn't missed him completely. He performed one more song and talked about how happy he was to be free again. The crowd cheered as he closed his set and welcomed Murs to the stage.

For those of you who may not have ever seen Murs is truly an experience. He is full of energy, personality and LIFE.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but from the second he hit the stage it was ON.
His set included the songs "Silly Girl" (feat Joe Scudda), "Break Up (the OJ Song)", "The Pain", "Me & This Jawn", "Love and Appreciate II" and "A Part of Me". Each song detailed a vivid description of relationships and situations that Murs had experienced in the name of love and I truly found myself connecting to the songs, thinking "WORD!! I feel you on that, 110%".

Although I'd questioned even going to the show, at this point, I was really happy that'd I'd made it there... as a fan of music and as a person dealing with the ups and downs of relationships. It's interesting where you will find solice & insight...the sources are not always conventional. I never would have thought that I'd leave a Murs show feeling emotionally uplifted...but I did. And in addition to that, the show served a purpose that all shows made me want to hear more of his music and learn more about him as an artist.

My bottom line is this: Murs is THAT dude. Who needs Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew...Murs is FAR more effective, less annoying and totally on point. Think I'm lying? Check the song

DOWNLOAD - The Break Up (Murs) here

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