Sunday, May 3, 2009


I was recently having a conversation with a close from about the deterioration of true musicians in certain genres of music (mainly hip hop and R&B*). I often find myself wondering which artists TRULY have the talent, drive and professional stamina to secure a place and stand the test of time.

I wonder where our generations Aretha Franklin is. Who is our generations next Marvin Gaye? Where will our classics be pulled from and why does it seem that many of artists we hear on the radio and see in videos are lacking authentic soul and passion for what it is they do?

I wonder if it comes from lack of struggle or life experience...or the inability to pull from their own personal struggles and transfer that emotion into music, as many of the true greats have.

When I watch the above performance by Marvin Gaye, you could see the passion and emotion in the performance. The man rocked for a FULL house of his peers, dolo on the stage. Just him and his mic.

And he shut it DOWN.

No hype man. No entourage. No back-up singers. No back-up dancers.

Just pure talent and passion.

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