Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I'm a few weeks late on posting this, but I still wanted to put it up. Lloyd Banks is without a doubt my favorite G-Unit member. Yes, I DO listen to G-Unit...it can't be Wu-Tang, "skinny-jeans music", Bjork and Adele ALL the time...LOL

Anyhow, check my favorite track, My Way or Nothing, below (which actually samples a song from my favorite show...let's see who can guess where it came from*). Download the entire mixtape after the track listing.

Listen to Lloyd Banks feat. Uncle Murder - "My Way or Nothing" here


This is the 4th release, 04-30-09, in the “5 And Better Series” by Lloyd Banks and DJ Whoo Kid. Today is also Lloyd Bank’s birthday which is why the tape is named April 30th. Features from Jay Rock, Uncle Murda, Nipsey Hussle, Ron Browz and Red Cafe.

01. Reborn Intro
02. Real Recognize Real (feat. Jay Rock)
03. My Way Or Nothing (feat. Uncle Murda)
04. Me And My Strap (feat. Nipsey Hussle)
05. Luv Witch Ya Boy (feat. Ron Browz)
06. Not Quite Right
07. Verses Skit
08. Flight School
09. M.B.A.M.
10. Shut Your Bloodclot Mouth Part 2
11. I’ll Be Back
12. Reborn
13. Have It All
14. I Get Around
15. Life Goes On

01. Intro
02. Officer Down
03. Get Down
04. New Era
05. The Raw
06. Hottest In The Hood (Remix) (feat. Red Cafe)
07. My Girl
08. Money Moves The World
09. 24 Inches (Remix)
10. Holy Matrimony
11. Mind On Murda
12. Don’t Come Around
13. Truth Hurts

DOWNLOAD: DJ Whoo Kid Presents Lloyd Banks - 04-30-09 [Mixtape]

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  1. Banks has been back on his rashing shit lately!! Pay attention, people!!