Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I know I've been discussing the debut of my blogspot for some time now. The original plan was to wait until I had the design together before posting my first entry, but we all know that even the best laid plans occasionally fall to sh*t (especially when other people are involved*). The show must go on, so... BONG. Here I am and here we go.

Since I always like to show respect/love when its due, first entry features the beautiful Tahiry, girl friend of Joe Budden and star of Joe Budden TV (no disrespect to Joe, but let's keep it Since her initial appearance on the vlog, Tahiry has gained quite a following and recently shot for the cover of King Magazine (which is rumored to be the final issue*). Internet may have killed the magazine star, but I have a good feeling this is only the beginning for Tahiry. Hopefully Joe doesn't mind the fact that she may soon have more fans than he does.

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